Dear Anodizer,

For nearly a century, anodizing has been the standard method for increasing the corrosion resistance of lightweight metals. But as economic demands have risen, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain or even improve your competitiveness in the market.

The Anodizing Masterclass is the first-ever on-demand e-learning program for anodizers who want to make their anodizing line future-proof.

With 25 years of experience in the anodizing industry, consulting both anodizers and OEMs, I have created this e-learning course based on every best practice I have seen and tested time and time again.

Enrolling in the Anodizing Masterclass empowers you to:

  • Boost Your Line's Efficiency: Accelerate your production line's throughput to meet and exceed customer demands while simultaneously reducing operational costs. This strategic enhancement is pivotal for sustaining profitability and competitiveness in the dynamic market landscape.

  • Implement a Robust Documentation System: Prepare your operations for compliance with forthcoming regulations. Establishing a comprehensive documentation system is crucial for navigating and adhering to these evolving standards with ease and efficiency.

  • Train Future Line Managers: Develop knowledgeable line managers to counteract the retirement of senior employees. The Anodizing Masterclass is an on-demand video course that skills your workers in a flexible timeline that adapts to your production schedule.

The Anodizing Masterclass is not merely a course; it is a transformative journey designed to secure your anodizing line's future and position your operations at the forefront of the industry.

Embrace this opportunity to become the leading anodizer in your market.


Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

What You Get In This Class

Anodizing Masterclass takes you through the best-practices of each step in the anodizing process making your line more efficient while achieving the highest standards of quality.  

  • 12 Modules with 10+ hours of recorded presentations
  • Relevant resources (articles & course material)
  • Best-practice insights from industry expert Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl

What Anodizers Say about Us

Anna Brit Uldbjerg
Quality Assurance, DAI A/S
The e-learning on demand fits our company perfectly!
As a beginner, you can watch the Anodizing Masterclass from start to finish, but it is also great to freshen up on topics you want to learn more about.
David Betz
Sr. Laboratory Enginerer, Hydro Aluminum Technology Center
Great learning material
The presentation slides/materials are clear and well-organized. Chapter #6 (anodizing) was very good and very thorough. I enjoyed it a lot.
Joao Baptista
Director, CPA Corantes
We were able to improve our quality thanks to how specific the course was.
The Anodizing Masterclass provides an astonishing amount of specific and complete information about metallurgy and the possible impacts on the layer quality. Because of that, we are now able to increase the quality of our products.
J.Broen Christensen
Founder of Broen Design
I set up my first anodizing line with Anodizing Masterclass.
The Anodizing Masterclass gave me a safe introduction to setting up our first anodizing line: Making sure we didn't miss any important details, getting the correct equipment, and not overspending on our first attempt at anodizing.
Allen Ansell - Architectural at ASSA ABLOY

“My favorite part about the Anodizing Masterclass was how different defects were outlined and Anne provided solutions to fix them. I would recommend the Anodizing Masterclass to anyone that has an anodizing line or is thinking about installing one.”

Architectural at ASSA ABLOY

Not Ready?

Are you worried the Anodizing Masterclass is not going to work for you? Then download this to-do list with 4 action points for free. 

Take these four actions to immediately improve your anodizing process, impress customers and improve your revenue. 

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Anne Deacon Juhl

Owner of AluConsult & Anodizing School

My name is Anne Deacon and I have worked in the anodizing industry for more than 25 years. My anodizing journey started when I wrote my Ph.D. thesis as a research scientist at the Technical University of Denmark about "Pulse Anodizing of Extruded and Cast Aluminum Alloys".

After finishing my Ph.D. I worked with anodizing both as an independent consultant and as a supervisor and quality manager in anodizing companies. Thus, I have great experience with different kinds of chemical and electrochemical surface treatments, such as chromating, electroplating, electroless plating but anodizing – type I, II, and III are my favorites.

What I am most passionate about is the sustainable aspect of aluminum anodizing. I strongly believe anodizing is the most efficient and sustainable solution for anodizing aluminum. This conviction has also led to my decision to create AnodizingSchool where I seek to enhance knowledge about anodizing in the world.